I'm a person who likes working
with COLORS and WORDS,
I like comprehensible images
and texts that don't look boring.

My Jobs

I worked in publishing as layout artist,
I was a graphic designer
in an advertising and communication agency.

I had an internship in the video production sector,
as video editing assistant, and in a cartoons studio,
I manipulated images and created flash animations.


My Jobs

I have a master degree
in Public and Social Communication
with a dissertation of Street art: itinerari controversi

I have a bachelor degree in DAMS
(artistic, music and entertainment disciplines)
with a dissertation of Modelli ed effetti della pubblicità televisiva.
Dalla signora Maria di Voghera alla casalinga di Manhattan

I took a professional course
in Public relations and another one in Web design

My Jobs

I wrote a business plan for an online shop
and I discovered the difficulty of doing this :)

I attended a workshop
of cultural marketing and organization of events.
I did a scenario analysis and I discovered the joy of doing this :)

Business card - front Business card - back

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